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2012 China Imported Wood (Shanghai) Exhibition March 13th and 14th  

The exhibition small in size and very focused. IBE was the only company showing Eucalyptus Grandis (we also call it Brazilian Rose Gum). For the Fair IBE invited over 100 companies; 70 visited our booth and received our Fair Package:  a presentation of  IBE, about Brazilian Eucalyptus Grandis (Brazilian Rose Gum) and timber sample. The first day of the exhibition was very busy and Ms. Jane and Mr. Leonel briefed all visitors about the Eucalyptus Grandis (Brazilian Rose Gum). More detail information was provided after the Fair. The second day was quieter and IBE spend more time with individual visitors / companies. All those companies who came specifically to see IBE were attended on one-to-one base & without time limits. We thank all the visitors for their coming, interest and patience. Several interesting contacts were established with whom Ms. Jane is in communications. For all the others we would like to say: do always feel free to contact us, we are looking forward. Our contact details are to be found in our web site under CONTACTS US.  



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